Peter Baird is the lead person at Connection by Design.  His “passion” in life is helping Pastors and other church leaders to better connect with the people they are called to minister to.  He is frequently looking for ways to improve connection between those leading in worship and the intended audience.  This is especially critical in a society that is easily distracted by the opportunities outside the church.

He has a “few” years’ experience with audio/video and lighting equipment

  • Ran the slide projector as a child for Missionary Parents as they traveled to different churches when raising awareness and support
  • Assisted in the installation of first major sound system at new Sanctuary for his home church in Dearborn, Michigan at age 23
  • Designed and managed installation of over 1,000 systems in worship facilities in Michigan and other states from California to Florida to Delaware
He has been involved in all areas of church life

As a Pastor’s son in smaller churches, he has done various duties from printing the bulletin to cleaning the toilets to leading youth groups

Served in main leadership at denominational and non-denominational churches

Directed the technology team for a portable church ministry for several years

Served as Service Director for a mid-size church for several years


He has unique educational experience that provides background for his work

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Theology
  • Master’s in Business with Leadership Focus
  • Numerous management, worship and technical conferences

Pete takes an approach to system design that considers science, art and emotion.  He also understands that most churches do not have unlimited financial resources and develops plans to wisely invest the dollars that are available.