Camera Systems

A Video Capture Ministry

We find churches use video camera systems to expand their outreach by providing video recordings and live streaming to the internet:

For sick and shut-in as part of a visitation/encouraging ministry

For those who are on vacation or living in a distant place

To assist those leading in worship to evaluate presentations

To guest attendees to allow them to relive their worship experience

For interested persons to see if this is a church they want to attend

In addition to recording, the system can be used for Image Magnification (IMAG).  The picture from the camera can be sent to the video presentation system.  This will provide viewing of facial expressions for baptisms, weddings, and kids choirs.  Also, an object used for illustration purposes can be projected in large size on the screen.

The camera image can be sent to other places in the building and displayed on TV’s

A system using robotic cameras will provide for recording of worship events with the use of remote controlled cameras with the operator located in the Technology Control Center.  This will eliminate the distractions created by the movement of a camera operator.  The “clutter” created by cameras, tripods, platforms, and cables is eliminated.  Those who are in the audience can then focus their attention on worship and instruction.

All equipment will be in place and ready for recording at any time without the need to set-up.  The system can be operated by anyone with basic training.  This is important for funerals and weddings or other events that are not normal worship services.

The nursery so the workers can feel connected

 Nursing mothers room so the baby’s needs and the mother’s needs are met

Entry areas to assist late comers and ushers in preventing distraction

 Overflow for large crowds for Christmas and Easter and other large crowds