The Technology Control Center

The persons controlling the technology can either make or break the spirit of worship.  Dead mics, feedback, video slides changed too late and missed lighting cues are distractions that draw attention to the operator rather than the message or song.

The systems operators take greater pride in what they do when they have a control center that is professionally designed and built.  The control center is just as important to the building as the stage (also called chancel or platform).


THE TECHNOLOGY CONTROL CENTER should have the following characteristics

Located on the main floor of the worship space for best sound and visual monitoring

All tech operators in one place so they can pick up cues and work in harmony

Blend and match with the architecture of the Room

Well organized and providing adequate operator work space

Contain equipment that is in proper working order

Cabling concealed as much as possible for professional look

Equipment positioned so that adjustments are easy to make

Controls properly labeled for easy identification of purpose/function

Not a storage place for antiquated and unused equipment

Provide a level of security to prevent tampering by unauthorized persons

We will design the perfect control center for your needs and can provide all the materials and construction work.  If you have a responsible finish carpenter, we can provide drawings and supervision of this construction work.